Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Accelerator

    1. Module 1: Let's Dive In!

    2. The Future Gen Timeline

    3. Future Generations: The Basics

    4. Module 1 Reflections

    5. Optional Deep Dive: Social Discount Rates

    6. Module 1 Resource List

    1. Module 2: Let's Dive In!

    2. A Growing Global Movement

    3. Future Gen Case Studies

    4. Module 2 Reflections

    5. Module 2 Resource List

    1. Module 3: Let's Dive In!

    2. Pathways to Progress

    3. Your Context Canvas

    4. Module 3 Resource List

    1. Module 4: Let's Dive In!

    2. Developing Your Future Generations Leadership

    3. Your Impact Roadmap

    4. Module 4 Resource List

About this course

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Our Partners

The Future Generations Leadership Accelerator is a product of the Big Brainstorm, run by the Unlock the Future coalition which is convened by the UN Foundation and brings together some of the world’s biggest youth-led and youth-focused organizations.

The inaugural Accelerator was designed and launched in 2022 to empower young people from around to step up as future generations leaders. Thanks to the support of our funding partner—The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales—this program became a reality.

The first cohort who completed the Accelerator included more than 345 young leaders from 42 countries around the world. Their contributions also led to the creation of the Contract for Our Future presented at Stockholm+50 which captured a powerful call to action for Member States to protect the interests of future generations.

The refreshed Accelerator will look towards the Summit of the Future in 2024, with the ambition to empower and equip as many young leaders as possible to be proactive and productive agents of our future.

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